The Royal Garden Hall

The Royal Garden Hall
The Royal Garden Hall

Along with the city’s aim to become one of the sought-after convention hubs in the country, a paradise-like convention hall was recently opened to cater good food, valuable service and remarkable moments with friends and family.

The Royal Garden Hall Convention Center, owned by Mr. And Mrs. Antonio Oppen and Cecile Jamora-Oppen, is another heavenly edifice that would surely entice Ilonggo families in celebrating momentous events in their lives as well as tourists and visitors in holding important affairs and business meetings.

The hall is a five-division convention center named after the five flowers namely Bougainvillea, Sampaguita, Rose, Gumamela, and Margarita. The Bougainvillea is turned into a mini-restaurant for families and friends who would like to dine in and taste international gastronomy like Asian, American and Italian cuisines. The rest of the four halls are occupied and extended for event purposes like small and big conventions, parties, debuts and weddings.

A picturesque view of the Iloilo River can also be seen at the back part of the hall while the parking area in front has a capacity of about 76-80 cars.

The Royal Garden Hall Convention Center is located at Gen. Luna Street, Iloilo City in front of the University of San Augustine. For inquiries and reservations, please contact Sales and Marketing Department at 335-09-31.


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