Travel Agents, Tour Operators should focus on in-bound tourism


Charles Lim
Charles Lim

Travel agents and tour operators are urged to focus their efforts on the in-bound tourism to be able to develop Bacolod City and the Province of Negros Occidental to be a strong tourist destination, said Charles Lim, the lead organizer of the 8th Travel Exchange which was held at the fountain area of Robinsons Place mall.

“I know it will not  be an easy process and will not get fast result plus huge investments it will require, but they can work with the airlines, cruise liners, local hotels in coming out with very effective and attractive tour packages for two or three days here. If you feel that there are not enough tour activities to retain the tourists here for three days, they can do maybe a twinning tour with Iloilo. That would be a good start that they have to really do, “he said.

He added that the way he looks at it, the effort needs to be seriously doubled insofar as the bringing in tourists. They cannot leave everything to the local government units or to the Department of Tourism all the time.

They have to organize themselves and work together to make Bacolod and the province attractive.

“You have your high and low seasons. During the low season, come up with special packages, good discounts to make it attractive to domestic tourists for a start. To make Bacolod an international destination, you have to prove yourselves that in terms of domestic tourists, your place is attractive. That is how other destinations started just like Cebu and Davao before they gained an international stature,” he said.

He appealed to them to work harder on this to create an integrated and more focused in bound tourism.IMT