WV wage board to decide on ‘kasambahay’ pay hike

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board in Western Visayas (RTWPB-6) is set to deliberate on the proposals to increase the wage of household workers or “kasambahay” after conducting two public hearings.

The second and last public hearing was held in Bacolod City on Feb. 28 amid oppositions to the proposal.

Wennie Sancho, labor representative to the RTWPB-6, said a group proposed to place under status quo the current monthly salary rate of domestic workers in the region.

In Iloilo City on Feb. 26, some groups also objected to the increase and moved for the same proposal, he said.

Wage Order No. 2, which lapsed last December 8, prescribed a minimum wage rate of P3,500 per month for domestic workers in Western Visayas.

The order removed the classification of “kasambahay” since all are now entitled to receive the same wage rate regardless of whether they are working in cities or different classes of municipalities.

Sancho said other proposals include a P500 and a P1,000 increase per month, wherein the latter was pushed by non-government organization and labor advocate “Voice of the Free”, formerly the “Visayan Forum”.

“The wage board will consolidate the results of the public hearings during the two deliberations scheduled before March 15,” he said.

Sancho added the RTWPB-6 is expected to make a decision by the middle of the month.

In Wage Order No. 1, domestic workers in cities and first-class municipalities were prescribed to receive P2,500 per month while those in other towns were entitled to get P2,000.

The salary of domestic workers in cities and first-class municipalities increased by P1,000 per month, and those in other towns, P1,500 as provided in Wage Order No. 2.

Under the new proposal, the increase may range from P500 to P1,000 per month.

If approved, all household workers in Western Visayas will be entitled to get a monthly wage of up to P4,500.PNA