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alfie desamparado creations
Alfie Desamparado creations

alfie desamparado creationsAlfie Desamparado, a young designer entered the wild and vibrant world of fashion designing proving the world that talent requires no age.

When Alfie was still in grade school, he used to draw dresses and other wardrobes. At a young age, Alfie was not aware that what he was doing eventually became his strengths.

According to him, his father would always scold him whenever he sees  his doodles and scribbles on his notes were  not school-related but outfit sketches instead.

“I started designing when I was in grade one. I usually draw on a piece of paper whatever comes in alfie desamparado creationsmy mind and maybe that was where my ideas started to flourish”, said Alfie.

Being an artist is not just a mere coincidence, sometimes it takes dedication for one to enhance the skills or talent he or she possesses.

According to Alfie, his love for fashion designing continued to grow when he was in high school.

“When I was in high school, I usually join fashion competitions, where I am my classmate’s designer and of course my own,” he said.

He does not have any formal training in fashion designing. Yet because his sister were into garmentalfie desamparado creations technology, she left all the materials for sewing, cutting and her designing hands to Alfie when she decidedto go abroad.

“My sister is in garment technology but I am very sensitive enough when it comes to learning the process. I used to look at the patterns because I don’t have background or any formal training. I just look and analyze the pattern of the clothes and through my dedication to fashion designing, I continued studying how to do it just by mere observing,” he added.

According to Alfie, he can finish two gowns in a day. His gowns can be rented and some are made to own depending on his clients.

“I make sure my clients are comfortable in what they are wearing. I believe in comfort first before the design, because as a designer you should be the master. It is not always what the clients want but sometimes you have to explain to your client what design exactly fits them and looks good on them,” he elaborated.

His first clients were his family. relatives and friends. But today, because of the social media, which he considers a big help in promoting his works, he gained a lot of clients.

Alfie is also very versatile and can cater both men and women’s clothing. He is much inspired by what he sees in his surrounding and he is proud that he is a pro-environment and prefers to use earth colors.

“I like to use shaded colors, gray, green, flesh, dark brown, aqua blue and navy blue,” Alfie said.

The aesthetics of his masterpieces are not common because he uses 3D and metallic to make it look different. For him, fashion challenges him to discover new things.

Indeed, when one is committed to his work, he gets to be paid well. In Alfie’s case, his commitment and ability are paid off not thru money but more on the recognition  and appreciation of his creations. Alfie won as the Best Designer of the Design lab 6th Run. He also competed during his college years at West Visayas State University (WVSU) Green Week, University of the Philippines in the Visayas and Iloilo Fashion Week. He was also once a member of Iloilo Fashion Guild but now he preferred to be a freelance fashion designer.

Just recently, he had his first local fashion show at SM City Iloilo during the Fiesta in the City.

According to Alfie, he do have plans of developing his shop and need to hire some assistants, but as of the moment, he wants to do all the work for he is just starting his venture and he needs  time to plan everything.IMT